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Alieu covers a range of topics to challenge, entertain and inspire listeners. His delivery style is adaptable and relatable for any crowd. Themes that can be covered include:

Unlocking the go-getter mind-set

During this session, Alieu will focus you on how to unlock your go-getter mind-set.

This interactive hour is centred on the principle of ‘less talk, more action’ with the choosing to take action being at the heart of developing a go-getter mind-set.

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Realising and unleashing your strengths

During this session Alieu will take you on a journey to realise and be proud of your strengths.

This interactive hour will help you identify, explore and build confidence in your strengths. 

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Be yourself because everyone else is taken – personal branding

During this session, Alieu will focus the audience on the importance of taking control, seizing opportunities and defining what you want people to remember you for. Answering the question – what is your personal brand

Building a recognisable personal brand is often the key to successful networking, securing clients, industry recognition and increased job opportunities.

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PwC’s Genius Power Dreams

During this session, Alieu will use the techniques originally created by Andy Woodfield a partner at PwC to help you become more aware of and appreciate your potential, getting you to understand your unique strengths and how to apply them.

Can you afford to allow yourselves not to be who you really are at work?

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Public speaking

During this session, Alieu will increase your public speaking ability.

Presenting and speaking effectively in public is a critical skill for success, in life, business and the classroom. 

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Values and Priorities

During this session, Alieu will make you more aware of your values and how you use them to make decisions. So when in Rome, you do as You do.

How would you define your values? Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. 

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Other speeches and workshops

  • The GoGetters Journey – Keynote
  • Introduction to Networking
  • The Art of an Opportunity Maker
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Failure
  • Self- discipline
  • Business principles
  • Financial management

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