Alieu would love to work with you in unlocking your potential by:

    • Identifying areas of your life where you’d like to make changes.
    • Understanding who you are and identifying your strengths.
    • Finding a more fulfilling, meaningful career.
    • Creating an effective accountability system to keep you on track.
    • Identifying and removing blocks that are stopping you reaching your full potential.

How does it work?

Coaching is essentially a conversation between Alieu and you aimed at helping you meet goals in your personal or professional life by guiding you in the right direction. A conversation where you are asked questions that help you to think deeply and critically, where your self-awareness is heightened and you realise what actions you need to take to move forward.

The aim is to help you strengthen and solidify your positive belief patterns, act more decisively, and set clear goals towards achieving what you want from life.

Change isn’t easy, but what really excites Alieu is helping you find the small changes you can make that can start to break old patterns and trigger much bigger transformation.

Coaching can take place on the phone or in person in 45-60 minute sessions. To get started, simply book an allotted time to call or meet.


"I needed coaching on a specific challenge I was facing in navigating the politics of a large corporate organisation and taking an existing success I had to the next level to gain additional sponsorship and support. Alieu not only provided tangible and practical solutions but encouragement and motivation to continue to strive for better and get the most out of the opportunities available. As a result, I was successful in obtaining sponsorship for an international leadership summit, I raised my profile with senior leadership of the firm and I learnt a valuable life lesson: The doors will be opened to those who will be bold enough to knock."

− Dara Kirton: Consultant

"I struggled to find a work placement in 2008, I applied to over 40 roles and had at least 10 interviews but received no offers after 12 months of seeking a placement. Alieu helped build my courage and kept me focused, I made the decision to take a gap year. His unique ability to recognise, understand what motivated and demotivated me revolutionised my way of thinking and most importantly my actions.

He helped me make the transition from relying on responses from online applications to contacting my previous employers directly and asking for assistance. I secured a 12 month fixed term contract within 6 weeks and went on to secure a role with a Swiss investment bank during the week of my final year exams in 2010.

He is an amazing observer and proves to be right 100% of the time with his understanding of motivation and discouragement. He has a way of energising me and is one of the top contributors to the success as a professional and business owner today."

− Tosin James Odukoya: Creative Director

"While considering myself relatively self-aware and tuned in to what might bring fulfillment, rarely have I had the focus -- much less the guidance -- to chart it out in a practical and action-oriented way. Thankfully, that's exactly where Alieu comes in. And from our very first session, he had me asking the big questions about where I ultimately want to be. Not long after that, I was contemplating the terms of how to get there in earnest. Most of all, I was contemplating my terms for finding such success; in a way that was personal, honest, and even a bit creative. This is, I think, what I've appreciated the most about working with Alieu. His patience, cooperation and empathetic knack for your circumstances are for me what set him apart from many coaches who would sooner peddle a one-size-fits-all approach. It's kind of nice to work from a 'grand design' that not only reflects who I want to be, but also who I am."

− Paanii Ansah-Kofi: UX Design Lead

"Alieu Fofanah has helped me navigate the challenges that I have experienced as a new joiner to the corporate world. He has helped me on many occasions to unravel seemingly difficult or complex situations and identify where I hold the power to impact the necessary change. I am learning to adopt his fearless and uncomplicated approach to life!"

− Julianne Ilebode: Consultant

"Having a one on one session with Alieu was extremely refreshing to me, he effortlessly helped spark the flames to an inner fire that seemed to have been extinguished due to the pressures of everyday life. His subtle style of conversation, patience and genuine care is what I feel allowed me to freely go to that place without any reservation. I can gladly say he has been a revolutionary factor in me getting my focus back on my dreams & desires. Thank you!"

− Michael Dapaah: Entrepreneur and Comedian

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